April 18, 2010

On Foursquare

I have been taking a look at Foursquare over the past half an hour. Foursquare is one of the new "hot" things going on in the social networks arena in the US. It is a geo-location service that allows you to get information and recommendation about places in the area where you are at some point and also rewards your participation (e.g. you can get badges, points).

You can link up Foursquare with Facebook and Twitter to spot those friends who are using it. Well, out of my 500+ friends on Facebook only seven actually use Foursquare. This obviously means that it has not gone mainstream yet and it remains to be seen if it is here to stay.

So I have created an account, I have signed in, downloaded my Blackberry app... and I am unable to sign in on my cell. Another bug on my Storm. I feel like it is a problem with the device's GPS, which does not work well...so a geo-location service such as Foursquare does not work properly. Or maybe it is just some other thing... It had been some time without saying: looking forward to switching to Android or iPhone.


  1. Is that why you added me! :) LOL. I love it - at first I only added 2 of my closest friends that I wanted to be aware of where I was etc (esp bec I travel nonstop, and this app made it a breeze for me to post that info, and for them to look at my foursq webpage and know about my day. now, I do *sometimes* post the info out to Twitter or FB, but not always. _ Maritza

  2. Oh, and for stats:
    18 friends on Foursquare
    691 friends on FB (i do have non FB friends on it)

    also worth noting, one other not talked about benefit, a story: I just moved to south beach, was walking with a local to a gelato spot, i go to check in, and look at the 'Foursquare Tips' section, and it showed me a list of locals favorite flavors - sure enough the local i was walking with confirmed that those were absolutely the flavors to try ... every trip i have made abroad, i have left a tip at the gourmet restaurants, and have used the tips listed in picking not only the restaurants, but also in what i order.

  3. De vez en cuando en castellano... :-)

  4. @Maritza- long time no speak, hope all is good! Thanks for the insights, I'm afraid I am not able to enjoy it, though! It is frustrating to go through the whole setup thing and then... such a tease! LOL. Pretty cool that you have moved to South Beach, so envious!

    @Ramon: venga, que tu eres de lo mas internacional :b