April 9, 2010

AOL shutting down Bebo

Posting from my bberry again. I have read these week that AOL might be shutting down Bebo, the social network it acquired a couple of years ago for more than $800 million. Bebo was at the time a leading social network, mostly in the UK.

With social networks still working on getting their biz models to work, it seems to me like in the end it will be about Facebook and someone else (not many), along the lines of what happens with Google in search.

Too bad for AOL. Things are not working that well despite its cost cutting efforts. I still remember interviewing with them not long ago in NYC... Bebo was then one of the most valued and promising assets for them. Not any more...

The most shocking thing, though, is that at the start of the internet era AOL acquired Time Warner (so called merger of equals...where the small fish got the big one).

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