March 13, 2010

A snapshot of the internet era

Last Tuesday I was at the London city airport waiting to board for my flight to Madrid and I stopped by at the bookstore and got the last issue of Wired. First time I knew of this magazine was maybe 10 years ago, thank to a friend who was about to graduate in computer science engineering. I remember that at that time I - a law student - regarded it as a technical publication, a somewhat geeky one that was not the right reading for me at all. It was a few years later, upon my becoming interested in, and more knowledgeable about, the TMT biz, that I started to buy it from time to time as I noticed that it is more about trends and lifestyle than about core tech.

The thing is that when I bought it last Tuesday, after maybe a year since I had last got it, I realized I had idealized it too much. I was quite disappointed, I have to admit. Maybe it was just a poor issue, who knows...

Anyway, in this poor issue I was mentioning I particularly liked an article where the era was analyzed from different perspectives. One piece of the article was a two-entry chart where a number of things were plotted according to their degree of awesome/awful and for being lucrative/money bleeding. See below.

I find very funny - plus quite accurate - the evolution of Jerry Yang and the positioning of Mark Cuban and definitely agree with where Tivo, iPod and Dutch auction IPOs, to name a few. Simple but entertaining summary!

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