January 23, 2010

Socially in sync?

Being in sync social network-wise is not easy, in particular if you are not programming-savvy. Dealing with code, even if it is the simple one from a Blogger template is a nightmare for me.

Yesterday evening I decided to try to link up my blog, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. After some quite thorough research I realized that it is a little more complicated than it seems to do that. Conclusions: (1) you can link up Linkedin and Twitter quite easily (I think I have succeeded!); (2) you can have Twitter and FB in sync, as long as the input comes from Twitter, not the other way around; (3) it is possible to link FB and Linkedin but only by syncing Linkedin with Twitter and Twitter with Facebook).

Then the blog comes into play: (1) it is quite easy to share your posts on Facebook by including a share button on your blog; (2) it is a little more complicated with Twitter, and I have ended up using Twitterfeed; (3) it is not possible to share a post on Linkedin directly, I reckon. What you need to do is to share it on Twitter and then hope for the Twitter-Linkedin sync to work. This post will actually test if (2) and (3) are right.

Update: It has actually worked!

I do not mean to have a super cool blog full of gadgets, widgets and so forth, but I have to admit that I was surprised by the very little help that you can actually get from Blogger tools. Fine, it is a free service and probably if you go for a premium service things will flow better. But still, I was hoping for a little more help, considering that it is open source.

This exercise has made me think about where and with whom I want to share this blog. First I was thinking about sharing it with my FB community (I even shared a post that I removed later) but I realized that it is not the right forum, considering that this is not a pure personal blog and most people probably don't give a shit about the stories I tell here. At the end of the day, I am writing this with a professional mindset, so my Linkedin network is the right audience and Twitter the tool that I have to use for such purpose (and in which I have to dig a little more). Each social network serves its purpose. I seem to have figured out what I want from each.

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