August 27, 2009

Criticizing Facebook

Although not as much as in the US, Facebook has been around in Spain for some good time now. It is not something for early adopters at all and lots of people have already signed up. Just a few resist the temptation. In fact, it seems like we have reached a new stage - similarly to other countries - where people start criticizing both Facebook and intensive users.

I am a heavy FB user and since I was leaving in the US until not long ago, I have been using it for almost three years, which is way more time than that of the average Spaniard user. Now I mostly use FB through my Blackberry Storm, in particular in the weekends.

So I have reached the point where it really bothers me that some people - pretty new comers most of them - have started complaining about my using FB, about my posting in both English and Spanish or whatever. At the end of the day, it is easy not to be bugged by other people's comments: change your notification options, delete your account or just remove those users that bug you as friends. It is not the users' fault to comment about their status often, to send (stupid) events or applications or to be interested in knowing what others are up to.

The problem is that FB has become kind of a fad in Spain and people increasingly think that they have to be in FB. Well, people, you don't have to! It is fine if you are not on FB, it is not binding law. But if you are and you add people as friends, just accept the way they use it.

Twitter is picking up in Spain and it would not surprise me if we see similar trend happening not long from today...

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  1. Se podrían decir tantas cosas malas de Facebook... y buenas... estoy entre el amor y el odio a FB