August 2, 2009

Back to blogging

361 days later I'm starting a new blog. I have always thought about writing again because I do enjoy it. However, it is time consuming if you want to do it right and the truth is that I don't have much free time. So, I am starting it and hopefully I will be able to stick with it. If I am not, I will shut it down.

This blog is going to be different, though. For instance: 

(a) I'm planning it to be more focused on business; well, just some thoughts, views, comments and the like, mainly about TMT, private equity and venture capital and my daily happenings in biz dev and marketing. Plus, I will also post about things that I like and I don't in general; 
(b) I' m gonna be writing in both English and Spanish. First, I have friends who may read this both in Spain and overseas and I'd like all of them (and eventually people I do not know from here and abroad) reading this at some point . Secondly, I like writing in both languages and I don't wanna lose my English. Thirdly, some things may be more linked to Spain and others may be so to the US or somewhere else; finally, whether we want it or not, English is still the language for business. I will be labeling the posts and it will be possible to have them translated right away soon; and
(c) I will try to use some gadgets/widgets (basic ones, since I'm technologically a layman) from time to time. It's still a very simple blog and it will always be like that for the most part. I don't know how much Blogger can be customized but...still worth trying.

Ok, I have kicked it off. It's been a lot of kick-offs lately at several levels and so far, so good. Let's see how this plays out. I'm going to post this on my Linkedin profile and see if people stop by from time to time.

Oh, I almost forgot. Why ".com living"? Simple. I have just realized how much dependent I am on the internet. I could live without TV, Playstation, dvds and blu-ray...easily. But I have reached the point where I cannot live without being "connected". Sad? Average? Weird? I just feel like quite a lot of people out there feel that way already. And there are many more to come. I still remember when in 1999 an Italian friend of mine was using a bulky cellphone in the middle of the street... and I laughed.

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