January 25, 2010

A professional reviewer

Looking for reviews on a variety of products and services is easy. Finding good reviews is a little bit harder. I would say that a majority of internet users looks up some reviews before committing a decent amount of money.

However, the reviewing process can easily turn into a nightmare. I remember my last thorough search for reviews at the time I was planning on buying a digital camera. I started looking and at some point I was as in the dark as I was before my search for reviews started. I even had nightmares with reviews attacking me from all over. Lack of information is a problem. Too much information is also a problem (in particular when you cannot separate the good info from the bad one).

That is why this company TopTenREVIEWS caught my eye. They offer reviews of a broad variety of products: from usual suspects like electronics to movies, an endless list of web services (foreign languages, personal finance) or gift ideas. The idea sounds pretty good to me. Obviously, the main point is to become a reliable advisor to the user. In other words, if you end up purchasing something on the basis of their reviews and it turns out to be a complete failure, you will hardly trust the site again. But I will give it a go.

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